We offer classes during the following times (all classes are 1 hour unless otherwise noted), class times subject to change during the Christmas season and other Holidays:


CROSSFIT 101 (CF101) - required for all new adult CrossFit members. RSVP with Nathanael at: 970-692-4237 if you would like to attend.

*Monday 6:00pm

*Wednesday 6:00pm

*Saturday 7am


Adult CROSSFIT - (17 years old & up)

* Monday 5:30am, 6:30am, 8:30am, & 5pm (shared w/ teens)

* Tuesday 6am, 7:30am (open gym), 8:30am & 6pm shared w/ teens)

* Wednesday 5:30am, 6:30am, and 8:30am, & 5pm (shared w/ teens)

* Thursday 6am, 7:30am (open gym), & 8:30am, & 5:30pm (shared w/ teens)

* Friday 5:30am, 6:30am, & 8:30am, & 5:30pm (shared w/ teens)

* Saturday 7:00am (Open Gym) & 8:30am WOD

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Teens CROSSFIT - This is a combined class, teens participate with adults during our evening WOD times (their workout is modified).

* Monday 5:00pm

* Tuesday 6:00pm

* Wednesday 5:00pm

* Thursday 5:30pm

* Friday 5:30pm

* Saturday 8:30am


*Monday 3:30pm (ages 4-6 years)

*Monday 4pm (ages 6-12 years)

*Wednesday 4pm (ages 6-12 years)

*Saturday 9:15am (ages 6-12 years)



* 3:30pm PK1 (ages 4-6) 30 minutes.
* 4:00pm Kids (ages 6-12) 45 minutes
* 5:00pm Adults (ages 12+) 1 hr.

* 4:30pm Basics (combined, ages 6+)

* 4:30pm Intermediate (combined, orange & up)



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